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Russia has invaded Ukraine without cause and is targeting civilians. Putin is committing war crimes and continues to bomb Ukraine and kill innocent people. Ukrainians are fleeing the country in fear. He is even bombing the Green Corridors which is supposed to be agreed as routes for people to just exit the war zone and get humanitarian support. This is making entire cities like Mariupol starve to death. Russian soldiers are raping women and kidnapping kids. He threatens the world with nuclear weapons if they interfere and may use chemical weapons on Ukraine.

We can’t stand by and allow these atrocities to happen. First we must do everything we can to stop Russia’s violence. Second we need to defend world peace, international law, and democracy.

Want to help the people of Ukraine?

1. Write to your government representatives.

Message: We must help defend Ukraine and stop the killing of innocent people right now. Provide more military equipment today not tomorrow including anti-aircraft defense equipment and planes. Impose maximum sanctions so Russia can’t finance the war. Arrest Putin and try him for war crimes. Putin has violated the Budapest Memorandum and has violated international law. He must be held accountable and those laws must be enforced. Do the right thing for human rights and world peace.

Send Message To: President Biden, Your 2 State Senators, Your 1 House of Representative, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, your Governor.

2. Post on Social Media

Spread the word any way you can. The United States can help, they need public opinion to push them to do the right thing.

3. Donate

We are making direct donations to small organizations inside Ukraine who are supporting humanitarian needs. These are organizations that we have verified and trust with Olga’s friends and provides a very direct assistance to support their expenses. These are smaller organizations not being supported by the larger aid packages. Donate to us and we will direct these funds to where we think it is most needed.

4. Volunteer

You can go to any border country like Hungary or Poland and volunteer. Also maybe at the Mexico border. Reach out for recommendations and information.

Current Impact Numbers

1,377 Refugee Hotel Nights Accommodated

10 Volunteers, 5 Vans
$51,360 Total Donations
$26,771 Balance Remaining

*Numbers will be updated as often as possible and may not reflect actual current numbers.

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